Discovering Thailand’s Magical Udon Thani

Thailand is one of the most rewarding tourism destinations in the world. However, you would have to spend your lifetime in the country to exhaust all these attractions. What if you were to choose one region for your lifetime tour of Thailand? Udon Thani is the perfect destination. You do not have pending college essay assignment, projects or homework so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Discovering Thailand's Magical Udon Thani

Discovering Thailand’s Magical Udon Thani

Udon Thani is located about 560km north of Bangkok. Luckily, traveling the distance is easy since the area is connected by air, road, rail, and sea.

You will be landing in one of the areas with the richest history yet has embraced modernity. Udon Thani served as the gateway to Northern Vietnam and Southern China. It is the Vietnamese War that boosted its economy and opened the region to the world. The interactions have made it easy for locals to accept foreigners coming into the region. They give the most heartwarming welcome you can desire.

Udon Thani offers a blend of native Thai culture and Western influence. Since the city is near Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base, it retained the coffee shops, bars, and hotels once the Vietnam War ended. Because of their love for visitors, the locals made these facilities even better by blending them with their own culture.

Now that you are thinking of visiting Udon Thani, where is the best place to tour? Here is a list of five magical places to visit in Udon Thani.

  1. Ban Chiang Museum

Udon Thani is listed among the World Heritage Sites because of its pre-historic bronze-age civilization. Ban Chiang Museum has played a crucial role in preserving historical relics and restoring thousands of objects and artifacts. A tour of this museum will allow you to see the historical weapons, household items, jewelry, and potteries, among others.

Udon Thani also has archeological sites where excavation for pre-historical objects took place. While you enjoy your vacation, you also get a chance to learn a bit about the history of the world. The tickets are affordable with the museums opening every day between 9 am and 4 pm.

  1. Nong Prajak Public Park

The park encircles an artificial lake right in the middle of the city. The park is regarded as one of the must-visit places in Udon Thani, Thailand. The park serves as a meeting point for tourists coming to Thailand.

What can you expect at Nong Prajak Public Park? Well, the artificial lake is alive with all types of fish you can imagine. The park also features sprawling manicured gardens and a football ground. The park also features statues that are strategically placed to give it an artistic feel.

Nong Prajak Park is an excellent place if you love cycling. There are bikes available for hire at the site. If you love walking or watching birds interact with the skyline, this is the perfect place to be. You should also consider the park when writing your memories of Thailand.

  1. UD Night Market

Udon Thani is not just beautiful by the day. It has a nightside that is equally thrilling. UD Bazaar is a night market that is always crowded with tourists. It will ensure that you do not return to the hotel room to waste the night away.

Because the market is meant for tourists, it features the best accessories and souvenirs. It also offers knick-knacks and dresses to help you build a fantastic Thai album.

UD night market offers one of the best night experiences in Thailand. It is not just meant for buying souvenirs and other supplies. The market features a fountain in the middle with live performances every night.

The market is meant to operate specifically at night. It opens at 5 pm and will close at 11 pm when you are ready to retire for the night. Since it is a popular tourist attraction, you have a chance to meet fellow tourists and enjoy their company.

  1. Playport Udon Thani Water Park

Water comes with unique excitement. If you love water or are traveling with your kids, the waterpark is an excellent spot to visit. It is an amusement park where you can spend hours without repeating the spots.

If you are looking for exciting water activities in Udon Thani, Thailand, this is the perfect spot. It separates the swimming pool for adults and children. The water slides make engagement on the water more exciting.

If you want to just relax by the poolside, loungers have special facilities already prepared. You enjoy the splash with numerous restaurants offering a constant flow of food and drinks.

The unique attraction in Udon Thani is preferred for family fun. This is the best spot to visit with your family in Thailand. If you are planning a family excursion in Udon Thani, the water park should form part of your itinerary.

The entry fee is affordable with the park opening at 10 am and closing at 8 pm.

  1. Phu Foi Lom Eco Park

Thailand has unique vegetation that makes the place blissful and peaceful for visitors. The Phu Foi Lom Eco Park sits on 76,000 acres of land, with a natural trail, strawberry farm, and a host of fauna. The park is both luxuriant and the most natural place you can tour in Thailand.


If you love picnics and trekking in Udon Thani, Thailand, this is the perfect spot to visit. It takes you away from the built environment into a natural bush that is perfect for camping.

The park has prepared all the items you need to set up a camp. You hire tents and any other equipment you need inside the park. The park also provides kiosks and restrooms for tourists. It is your best chance to experience wild Thailand.

Entry to the park is free and guests can get to the park any time.

Udon Thani in Thailand offers one of the most rewarding tourist experiences in the world. While visiting these places, you should not forget to taste their delicious local foods. Enjoy the rewards of touring Udon Thani.

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