Map of Spanish Speaking Countries in 2019 [Free Map Download]

Map of Spanish Speaking Countries: Spanish is a Romantic language, sometimes referred to as Castilian.

Too many numbers of individuals in the world believe that only Mexico and Spain are Spanish-speaking countries from among the world.

Besides that, individuals also often believe that all Latinos are Mexicans. That’s just not true, there are millions of individuals in the globe who talk Spanish.

Map of Spanish Speaking Countries in 2019

Map of Spanish Speaking Countries in 2019

The countries which speak Spanish:

There are 21 countries in the world that speak Spanish, and below is the mentioned list of the countries along with their capitals:

  1. Argentina and its capital is Buenos Aires.
  2. Bolivia and its capital is: La Paz, Sucre.
  3. Chile and its capital are Santiago.
  4. Colombia and its capital are: Bogotá.
  5. Costa Rica and its capital is: San José.
  6. Cuba and its capital are: Havana.
  7. The Dominican Republic and its capital are Santo Domingo.
  8. Ecuador and its capital are: Quito.
  9. El Salvador and its capital is: San Salvador.
  10. Equatorial Guinea and its capital are: Malabo.
  11. Guatemala and its capital is: Guatemala City.
  12. Honduras and its capital are Tegucigalpa.
  13. Mexico and its capital are: Mexico City.
  14. Nicaragua and its capital are: Managua.
  15. Panama and its capital are Panama City.
  16. Paraguay and its capital are: Asunción.
  17. Peru and its capital are: Lima.
  18. Puerto Rico and its capital are: San Juan.
  19. Spain and its capital are Madrid.
  20. Uruguay and its capital are Montevideo.
  21. Venezuela and its capital are Caracas.
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Is Spanish easy to learn?

Spanish and English have many cognates, making learning English speakers one of the easier languages.

Spanish learners can also listen to authentic Spanish media with a wide range of music, award-winning movies and online podcasts.

Also, Spanish-speaking cultures produced a wide range of delicious cuisines and some of the most popular dances in the world such as salsa, tango, and flamenco, etc.

All about Spanish language:

In the world ranking, Spanish has overcome English and is now the world’s second most frequently spoken language after Chinese.

There are more than 400 million people worldwide who speak native Spanish versus 355 million who speak native English.

Spanish is the 3rdmost widely used language on the internet, representing 8.1 percent of the world’s total users according to Internet World Stats.

English is still the most widely used for business and international relations as an international language. It is also an easy language to learn because its grammar is not as complicated as other languages in German or Romance.

Due to the similarities between pronunciation, grammar and structure, the Spanish language falls into the rank of language difficulty category Ifor English speakers, so it is also one of the easiest languages to learn.

In addition to practical concerns, the opportunities offered by Spanish to discover a wide number of cultures, as well as the business opportunities emerging from new Spanishspeaking markets, reinforce the likelihood that Spanish will continue to grow as a popular language for learners of all ages.

Is the Spanish language as different as they say from country to country?

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It’s true that there are some differences from the one spoken in Madrid in the Spanish spoken in Buenos Aires, but it doesn’t prevent a smooth communication, it can create very funny situations more the opposite.

The English spoken in London about that spoken in Johannesburg, it sounds different but it’s the same language. This makes Spanish the dream of a backpacker and the point of departure to discover a world of fascinating cultures.

Is there a correct Spanish language?

Although some Spanish people like to think that Spanish from Spain is the right language because it is the first language from which all the others came, this assumption is not correct. If spoken correctly, every Spanish spoken in the various countries is legitimate.

Spanish evolves like every other language and new words are introduced and others are forgotten due to lack of use.

You may need to check the official sources if a word is correct or find out more about its exact meaning.

The most common are:

  1. The Real Academy of Language.
  2. The Cervantes Institute.
  3. The Mexican Academy of Language.
  4. The Panhispanic Dictionary of Doubts.

The latter is a joint effort made by the world’s 22 official Spanish language academies to create a reliable source for all Spanish speaking countries.

The dictionary unifies criteria and includes 7,000 words among the different countries.

What is the best literature in Spanish?

There are hundreds of masterpieces of Spanish literature, hence the difficulty of selecting just a few of them on this list.

This journey takes us from the 17thcentury classics of literature in Spain, passing through the magical realism of the 20thcentury Latin American scene to the outstanding contemporary names of our time.

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Books in the Spanish Language that are excellent in reading:

The following are the best books to be read in the Spanish language:

  1. El Quijote de la Mancha which was been written by Cervantes and the book was published in the year of 1605.
  2. El árbol de la Vida which was written by Pio Baroja in the year of 1911.
  3. Bodas de Sangre is a tragedy written by Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca in the year of 1932.
  4. Cien años de Soledad is a landmark of the year of 1967.
  5. Los renglones torcidos de Dios is a novel published in the year of 1979 by Torcuato Luca de Tena.
  6. La fiesta del chivo, The Feast of the Goat is a novel written by the Peruvian Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Mario Vargas Llosa in the year 2000.
  7. La casa de Los espíritus is the debut novel of Isabel Allende.
  8. Corazón tan Blanco which is written by Javier Marías.


Most of the Spanish speaking countries are in situated in Central America and South America, but there are also many countries in Europe, Africa and Spain.

For the detailed map of the Spanish speaking countries in the world refer to the portal.

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