Miami Map: Miami, this zone was home to thousands of people as an Indian village around 550- 650 B.C. The area far ahead was inhabited by indigenous Native American tribes for thousands of years and far along encountered by Europeans for more thousand years.

In 1567 Florida’s first governor claimed it as the area for Spain and started constructing it in 15689. Spain and Great Britain effectively ruled Florida.

Miami city which is a seat (1844) on Miami Dade county and it is in the side of southeastern Floridain the united states.

There is a major transportation as well as business hub situated in Miami, also there is a leading resort and also Atlantic Ocean port which is located on Biscayne Bay at the mouth of the River named as the Miami river. The marshland region is a short distance to the west side.

Greater Miami which is the Florida’s biggest urban concentration that also consisting of all of the county that is it comprises the cities of Miami Beach (which is the across the bay), Hialeah, Coral Gables, North side Miami, and also other many smaller municipalities as well as unincorporatedregions which are together, these make up the southern side part of Florida’s “Gold Coast.” The toral area which si covered by the Miami city is 35 square miles (that means total area is 91 square km).

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in the 16th century, Spaniards basically found a village (which is near about 2,000 years ago) of Tequesta Indians on the site of the Spaniards. And it is named as the Mayaimi, which has possibly the meaning of “sweet wate” or the “big water” may have referred to Lake Okeechobee or for the residential Native Americans who has took their name from the lake.

In the year of 1567 the Spanish formed the mission there as part of a attempt of futile to subdue the Tequesta. After Spanish folks relinquish that region to Great Britain in the year of 1763 but also later they regained it in the year of 1783.

After the United States get their hands on Florida from the country Spain in the year of 1821, Fort Dallas who was built (in the year of 1836) as a base at the time of the Seminole Wars. A some of the settlers and from them Julia D. Tuttle who is known as the “mother of Miami,” and William B. Brickell then gradually moved into the region.

In the year of 1896 Mr. Henry M. Flagler expand his Railway of the Florida East Coast to the site of florida Miami after Tuttle as well as after Brickell, that each of them gave him half of their landholdings for that project.

Mr. Flagler had been convinced  properly for extending the the railroad after a freeze at the time of the winter of 1894 to 1895 and also killed Florida’s citrus crop and then tuttle reportedly sent him a fresh orange blossom for just proving that the freeze had not reached Miami yet. Flagler dredged the harbor, began constructing the Hotel Royal Palm, and also promoted tourism. Miami was incorporated the similar year.

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This entire region raises above 45 ft and averages around 7ft above sea level. It is situated on a broad plain flanked by Florida Everglades to the west of it and Biscayne Bay to the east of it.

The core portion of the city lies on the shores of Biscayne Bay which entails of several hundreds of natural as well as artificially generated barrier islands.

Miami is one of the tiniest cities in the US with a total area of 145.2 square km in which 93.2 square km comprises of land and remaining 52.08 square km is water.

It is a thickly populated city just for the reason that 93 square km is home for around 400,000 people.


Miami is a major center of fields like finance, commerce, etc and is a city that has a durable international business community around the world. As per the rankings are done by GaWC (Globalisations and world city study) in 2010, Miami ranks 20th worldwide in GWP and 11th in the US with a gross of $257 billion.

Miami resides of largest cruise ship port in the US and thus named as “Cruise capital of the world” and the “Cargo Gateway of the Americans”.


Itis city’s largest private-sector manufacturing that accounts more than 144800 jobs in “Miami Dade county”. The is occupied of pop culture, portrayal in music, and worldwide recognizable landmarks. It stands as 2nd highest fascinated city in the US and included in worlds top 20 popular and tourist visited cities.

More than 15.9 billion people visited in 2017 and added $26.1 billion to the economy. Miami is popular for hotel infrastructures, world-class conventional centers and also popular for annual conventions and conferences

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Miami Map

Miami Map

The Contemporary City

The skyline of Miami city basically features overall a contemporary look, along with huge collection of gleaming glass which is walled skyscrapers accented along with neon lighting at night.

In the Miami there is more than 70 percent of the population is of Hispanic or the Latino. Also, the Miami city’s close relationship to Latin America is better represented in their ethnic vicinity.


Miami has the most vibrant scenario and culture around the world which is influenced by a diverse population and thus, with this distinct feature it is named as “Magic City”. The city is full of young age and massive growth and hence the best nightlife experience.

The city is also occupied by highly populated Spanish talkersthus, it is nicknamed as the “Capital of Latin America”. It is highlighted with plentiful TV shows and video games that are well-known worldwide. The most popular one is “Grand theft auto vice city” an adapted version of Miami.


Thus, Miami is a city full of entertainment and performing arts as well.

In addition to these pop culture, it encompasses of world’s best cuisine and annual festivals that comprise world prominent DJ’S and performers. City also hosts many fashion shows and events in the art district of Wynwood, including Miami fashion week and Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

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