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San Diego

San Diego Map: San Diego is a town in California’s U.S. state. It’s on the Pacific Ocean coast in southern California in San Diego County. As of July 1, 2017, report, the population of San Diego is estimated at 1,419,516. It is an eight biggest town in the United States and California’s second-biggest town.

San Diego is California’s birthplace.  The town is San Diego’s administrative center and also the region’s financial center. The University of California’s presence in San Diego makes enormous biotechnology study possible.

San Diego

San Diego

Tourism in San Diego

Due to the climate, beaches and tourist attractions of San Diego, Balboa Park, Belmont Amusement Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park and SeaWorld San Diego have covered major tourism economy.

Every year, more than 20 million visitors visit San Diego to create an estimated income of $8 billion in tourism, and the tourism industry provides more than 160,000 individuals each year.

The economy of San Diego

In defense, tourism, international trade, research and manufacturing, San Diego covered the biggest industry of the economy. In 2014, in the Forbes columnist, San Diego has created history as the best town in the nation to start a small business or start-up business.

The deepwater port, such as submarine and shipbuilding yards, covers the economy of the city. San Diego is the home town of most ground fighters of the U.S. Pacific fleet.

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San Diego’s culture is mostly affected by American and Mexican cultures due to its boundary town location.  Many museums, such as the San Diego Art Museum, the San Diego Natural History Museum, Man’s San Diego Museum, and the Photographic Arts Museum as well.

The air and space museum in San Diego is the primary tourist attraction. A range of plays and musicals are produced by the repertory theater of the city at the Lyceum theaters in Westland Horton plaza.

San Diego Map

San Diego Map


San Diego is home to Major League baseballs, a main professional team playing at Petco Park. the town hosts numerous sporting events such as super bowl championships, holiday bowl, poinsettia bowl.


In San Diego, for over 80 percent of inhabitants, automobiles are personal means of transportation. San Diego serves as an autobahn and highway network. Due to the dry and mild climate, the Sand Diego roadway provides an enormous network of cycle routes making it convenient for around option.

Education in San Diego

San Diego runs autonomous districts of primary school, the San Diego Unified School District serves most of the public school. San Diego offers excellent library facilities with all kinds of books in the library.

San Diego launched a daily newspaper, “THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE,” covering every update on San Diego ups and downs, to update everyone in every sector.


San Diego is one of the most populous cities in the U.S. that includes nearly every famous event, food festival, hosting global matches, excellent quality education, better living resources, and happiness.

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