The 6 Best Things About Czech Republic

Whether you think of new travel plans or just want to find out more about the Czech Republic, we got you covered. A popular travel location in the center of Europe for tourists, the Czech Republic offers a wide variety of architectural wonders and sightseeing locations. A first-rate transit system allows easy mobility that offers beautiful city views and is convenient to get from point to point. Let’s take a look at some facts you might not have known about the Czech Republic.

6 Best Things About Czech Republic

The 6 Best Things About the Czech Republic

 It Is the Most Castle-Rich Country in Europe

Among the things that the Czech Republic is famous for, we can name the wide variety of castles. If you enjoy sightseeing and medieval architecture, you are sure to have a blast. There are a total of over 200 buildings all over the country. Some of the must-see locations are the Prague Castle (the largest), Orlik (located on a volcano above a lake, Cervena Lhota (surrounded by ponds and beautiful gardens), and Cesky Krumlov (overlooking a medieval village).

Ample Casino Fun

The capital of the Czech Republic has more than 20 casinos in operation, making it a very gambling-friendly city. Most of these stay open around the clock and have no entry fee. It is important to keep your ID with you at all times and be smartly dressed. Dress codes vary for each location, but a sophisticated look will make sure you easily get into every spot. Casinos usually offer drinks free of charge while you gamble, whereas food is served until 11 pm. Some great gambling institutions to check out are the Casino Admiral, Casino Viva, and the Ambassador Casino. To get in the gambling mood, be sure to try your luck at the live casino and win some cash!

Gorgeous Sightseeing Options

Any nature enthusiast will be delighted with the places of interest in the Czech Republic. One of the must-see locations is the Prachov rock formation located near Jicin. The site is similar to something from a sci-fi movie; they look out of this world. Another wonder for architecture enthusiasts is the Colonnade de Reistna, which is located by the Austrian border. Surrounded by vineyards and nature, it offers sights to get lost in for hours.

 Great for Beer Enthusiasts

If you enjoy alcohol, you may be surprised at the wide variety of beer in the Czech Republic. The country has the highest beer consumption per capita in all of the world. You will be delighted by many bars in every town, as well as the number of options to choose from in most restaurants. A fun fact: the famous Duff beer featured in The Simpsons originally comes from the Czech Republic!

6 Best Things About Czech Republic

High Music Appreciation

It is known that the Czech Republic is a music-loving country. Just by taking a stroll around the capital, you are likely to encounter many street musicians that cover modern and traditional styles of playing. There are many festivals in the Czech Republic, both in summer and in the colder seasons. Don’t miss Colours of Ostrava, Transmission, and Let It Roll Winter.

 Mushroom Lovers

In the older days, picking mushrooms was one of the main sources of food for people in the Czech Republic. Their love for mushrooms has not subsided over the years. You will find a lot of interesting and delicious dishes with mushrooms as the main ingredient.

 We hope you have discovered some exciting facts about the beautiful Czech Republic. Prague Airport is modern and makes for easy travel connections if you choose to visit or hop a flight to some of the neighboring countries in Europe. If you have any travel tips or insights, please leave them in the comments below!

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