The Most Reliable Appliance Brands (2023 Update)

Nothing is more inconvenient and annoying than having to constantly repair or replace a broken appliance. You often find yourself at the mercy of over-priced repairs, skeptical customer service representatives, and complex warranties that leave you confounded and frustrated. With so much disregard for customer satisfaction, finding reliable appliance brands can feel almost impossible. But have no fear – The Appliance Guys got you covered. After extensive research and customer feedback, here’s an updated list of the most reliable appliance brands for 2023.

1. LG

LG has been number one for two years in a row now, and it’s no wonder why. Their French-door refrigerators are some of the most popular appliances on the market. Despite a class action lawsuit in 2019 regarding problems with inverter compressors, which they resolved, LG has become increasingly reliable over the past few years. They also offer a great selection of washers, ranges,  dishwashers, and dryers – all with advanced features. Unlike many other businesses, they manufacture essential components like motors and compressors in-house.

2. Miele

When it comes to reliability, Miele is near the top of the list. Not only are their products beautifully designed and engineered for ultimate convenience, but they are also known for their unmatched quality. Miele dishwashers, in particular, have become a customer favorite due to their quietness and superb cleaning power. Along with dishwashers, Miele’s vacuum cleaners, laundry machines, and refrigerators are some of the best on the market. They have also partnered with Loxone to incorporate solar power into many appliances.

3. Bosch

Bosch is a great option for those looking for long-lasting, high-quality appliances. They offer a wide selection of refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, and washers and dryers. Given Bosch’s sophisticated designs and cutting-edge technologies like automatic air-dry functions and climate-controlled refrigerator drawers, the premium price tag is more than justified. Plus, some series of their dishwashers have special technology that automatically releases the door after a wash cycle to ensure your dishes come out spot-free and dry.  Many of their appliances are also panel-ready, allowing you to choose the perfect look.

4. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is the way to go if you’re looking for a great value. The brand’s products are of high quality at an accessible price point. You won’t find the same premium features that competitors offer. However, their appliances have plenty of smart functionalities and innovations to make household tasks easier and more streamlined. Their refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers have all received high marks from consumers.

5. Thermador

Thermador appliances received high scores in a recent customer survey for performance and reliability. Their ovens and ranges scored well, while their cooktops were rated very well. But what stood out was the quality of their dishwashers and refrigerators – both of which received an excellent rating. Thermador also offers a range of additional appliances such as ranges, wall ovens, and cooktops – so you can trust the performance of their products across the board.

6. GE

With over 100 years of manufacturing appliances, they have a well-deserved spot on this list. From their refrigerators and dishwashers to laundry machines and ranges, GE appliances are long-lasting and reliable. With energy-saving models and top-of-the-line GE Profile Refrigerators with hands-free settings and ample storage space, it’s no wonder why customers return to GE. In addition, their appliances are backed by a one or five-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

7. Samsung

Appliances from Samsung are known for their technological expertise in the electronics industry. They provide a wide selection of appliances, including touchscreens, mobile controls, and connections with smart homes. They also have a Bespoke Design Studio where products like dishwashers, vacuums, and more have their color, finish, and layout changed. But these appliances aren’t just for show; they are also made to be user-friendly and energy efficient.

8. Maytag

Maytag is a brand synonymous with reliability. Their appliances are built to last, and you can expect quality results. From washers and dryers to ranges, microwaves, and dishwashers, Maytag offers a full suite of affordable yet durable appliances. Although they have few customization options or features, their products are sure to get the job done.

9. KitchenAid

KitchenAid is known for its quality appliances, from stoves and ranges to refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers. But they also offer an impressive selection of small kitchen appliances like toasters and food processors. They have modern and reliable products that are sure to fit into any kitchen. With KitchenAid, you can trust that the products you buy will last for years.

There are many great options when choosing appliances for your home. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from a range of reliable brands that offer the latest features and highest quality products. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a sleek modern design, there is something for everyone.

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