Top Five Luxury Cars for a Perfect Summer Road Trip

Cars. There are so many of them these days. The brands? Just as many over the past few decades. It has become quite tricky finding just the car that matches our needs.

Especially since brands like to brag about how their cars are the best thing to happen to humanity, unfortunately, we know that isn’t true car shipping.

Top Five Luxury Cars for a Perfect Summer Road Trip

Top Five Luxury Cars for a Perfect Summer Road Trip

Each car has its strengths and weaknesses. There are cars for racing, taxis, family cars, and cars for transporting camping gear, etc. To select a vehicle, you have to understand the benefits of the vehicle.

If you’re planning a summer road trip and would rather opt for a luxurious ride than the traditional bumpy ride to the middle of nowhere, this article is for you. 

These cars have been selected because of their ample cargo space, their speed, and luxury. 

Comfort is a significant variable in a summer road trip—you don’t want to reach your destination cranky. 

Many other factors may be considered when selecting a luxury vehicle for summer road trips. One of such factors includes the fuel economy of the vehicle, amongst other factors. 

Here are the top five luxury cars for a perfect summer trip.

5) Volvo V90 Cross Country:

The Volvo V90 Cross Country has a pretty interior design to make you feel at home on your road trip. It packs a cargo capacity of 19.8 cubic feet, giving you enough space for anything you might need to take. 

It also manages its fuel well enough to keep you on the road for miles. With a fuel economy of 22/30 mpg, it is quite efficient for a luxury vehicle. 

While the V90 might not be your most luxurious option, it is guaranteed to get you to your location with a smile on your face.

4) Audi A7:

At number four, we have the sleek Audi A7. What the Volvo V90 lacks in quietness, the Audi A7 makes up for it. It is as fast as it is quiet, reaching speeds of up to 190mph. The A7 goes from zero to 60 in less than four seconds, ensuring a thrill in luxury and speed.  

It also has a hatchback trunk, which stretches its cargo capacity to about 24.5 cubic feet.

3) BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo:

With 24.6 cubic feet of extra room, expendable to 56.5 cubic feet if the split fold-down rear seats are folded, this four-door hatchback brags a larger cargo capacity than the Audi A7 by a stretch. 

What it lacks in its conservative interior design, it makes up for it in comfort. The back seats have enough legroom to ensure adequate leg space for everyone. 

The BMW 3 is not just about beauty. It has impressive stats in mechanics. Thanks to its pair of powertrains in the form of the 248 horsepower 330i, and the 320 horsepower, six-cylinder 340i. It is safe to say that the BMW 3 is a monster on wheels. 

Its fuel economy rocks at 23/33 mpg. Perhaps, you can now understand why this car ranks at number 3.

2) Volvo V60:

A Volvo yet again, except this time, it’s at number two. 

The Volvo V60 is a beautiful, well-styled luxurious vehicle, internally and externally. It grants you an upscale appearance with its long roof, with an available plug-in hybrid. 

This car has a most impressive cargo capacity of 28 cubic feet. While this falls short of the BMW 3 56.5 cubic feet when extended, it should be more than enough for the whole family on your summer road trip. 

The Volvo V60 covers long distances and fast without the need to visit the gas station. You only need to fill it up once, and you’re pretty much good to go. It manages your fuel at an impressive EPA rating of up to 25/36 mpg. 

The Volvo V60 trumps the Volvo V90 Cross Country in virtually every aspect, but this beauty comes at a price. 

  1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon:

And finally, our pick for number one on the list of top five luxury cars for a perfect summer road trip is none other than the Mercedes-Benz E-class Wagon. And it is just the ideal pick. 

If luxury and functionality had a face, this would be it. Its cargo capacity is 35 cubic feet, which is the highest in our list under standard conditions. 

This car can carry all of your cargo and still drive with impressive speed while ensuring top tier fuel management. 

This Mercedes has a beautiful interior and enough legroom, making it a luxury vehicle suited for long-distance luxury travel. It packs an astounding 362 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, making it sit at the top of our list.

Enjoy your summer road trip.

Bio: Okonkwo Noble understands the need for sustainable travel. He is a write for Limo Services USA a Miami Limo rental company. He also volunteers as a part-time English teacher for internally displaced children.

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