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Tulsa Map: Tulsa today was once occupied by the Lochapoka and Creek tribes in the 1830s and was recognized as Indian territory. The area around Tulsa was occupied by the other five civilized tribes at the same time. The tribe named this area as “Tallasi” meaning old town.

Tulsa in its 21st century had a constructive plan to build parks churches, museums, roads, gardens, attractive infrastructures, and an increase in advertising.



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They thought and build a dam to accommodate the city water thus it became and largest project of that era and named the dam “Spavinaw dam”. Time magazine declared the city as the most beautiful city.

In the 1980s the city budget was totally dependant on oil and energy manufacturing but after stagnation faced the city decided to have a source of money apart from oil resources.

In the 21st century, a “Vision 2050” came into actuality that aimed to work on infrastructure and tourist fascination.


Tulsa is placed in north-eastern of the junction of Oklahoma with great plains and forested area of rolling hills. The city is at the elevation of 750feet above the sea level. The city has a total area of 187 square miles among which the land contributes of 183 square miles and remaining 4 square miles is water.

According to the 2011 census, the city was occupied by 391,910 of people along with racial and ethnic combination.

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The outdated economy of the city was dependant on energy engineerings like United gas and oil association previously known as Midcontinent oil and gas association. Around world war-1, Tulsa was the capital of oil for the world as the city provided petroleum to their associates.

Tulsa is a home ground to numerous headquarters to many international oil and gas-related companies and energy firms as well.

Tulsa in recent days has diversified and capitalized as a hub for significant innovation assets. Most of the products manufactured are exported with an earning of additional than $29 billion in total goods with a growth rate of $ 250 million per year. In 2006 Tulsa was rated as 2nd in the nation for its income progression and one of the best cities to do business.

Though there were issues in the traditional economy that is the oil and gas industry, the city decided to diversify in fields like aerospace, finance, telecommunications, etc. The city is a hub for national construction and engineering companies as well.

The city is also home to various law, accounts, and medical practices. As the city is located in the center of the nation it makes a great advantage for the logistics business as well.

Tulsa Map

Tulsa Map


Tulsa is home to several arts center, museums. The museum consists of the expensive collection which is art worked by great artist like Pablo, Picasso, etc.

The city has a long-lasting dance, theatre, concerts, that includes Tulsa ballet, Tulsa opera, symphony, orchestra, light opera.

The city zoo was declared as “the Americas favorite zoo” in 2005. The city has a major amusement park attraction.

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Thus the city has brilliant history and an astonishing lifestyle along with art culture and the economy city has world-famous traditional cuisine because of its distinctive history. It is quite famous for its offerings in BBQ nationally and internationally.

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