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Columbus Map: The capital of the Ohio State in Columbus. It is one of America’s most rapidly increasing significant towns. It is the most populated town in Ohio by population and the 14th largest in the USA.

Columbus ‘ inhabitants are almost nine lakhs and the city’s metropolis has almost two million, rendering Columbus the second largest metropolitan area in Ohio. It is the second-largest midwestern town in the world.

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Columbus which is in the Ohio and the estimated population of the Columbus is near about 922,223 which are based to projections of the United States census which is held at most recently. Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio, currently developing at 1.64% every year, and has grown to near about 17.18% from the year of 2010.

The population density of the city of Columbus is basically 4,219 people per miĀ². The median age in Columbus is 32.2 years that means for males it is 31.5 years, and for females, it is 32.8 years. There are 95.4 males for every 100 females.

Columbus is actually the capital of Ohio and along with that also the biggest city in that state. It is the county seat of Franklin County, and the size of the Columbus has grown as it has taken over regions of Fairfield County and County of Delaware. This city was established in the year of the 1812 as the name for the explorer who had explored this city, Christopher Columbus. The city Columbus has a calculated population of 922,123, which makes it the 15th ranked biggest city in the United States.

Metro Area and Population Density

Columbus has a calculated population of near about 922,223, up from a last count that 809,800 in the year of the 2012. Columbus is actually the core city of the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical region, which widely spreads ten counties and is the 3rd ranked largest metropolitan region in that region, nearly jointed along with the Cleveland MSA and just behind the Cincinnati MSA.

The Columbus metro region is the 28th biggest in the country as it having a population of 2.4 million. The city proper has a population density of near about 3,625 masses per square mile.

Culture of Columbus

In Columbus, there are numerous regular activities and celebrations. In addition to the celebrations, there are also numerous social activities that bring a unique flavour to the town each year. There are many artistic places in the town.

Columbus Map

Columbus Map

The Columbus Museum of Art concentrates on European and American art, including representations of German Expressionism and Cubism, through to modern art. The art gallery and research establishment on the Ohio University premises are the WexnerCenter for Arts.

Some of the most important performing arts attractions in the town are the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and Opera Columbus.

The Economy of Columbus

The city’s environment is diverse and stable, rendering it one of the biggest company and utility towns. Education, insurance, finance, mode, defense, food, aerospace, transportation, power, metal, infrastructure, and many other sectors drive the growth of Columbus.

Columbus Maps

Columbus Maps

It is one of Florida’s largest financial centers and one of the United States ‘ major financial cities. There are many Fortune 500 companies and major businesses worldwide have their offices. It is regarded as the business-friendly city and the city to look for in the future. The GDP of Columbus is around $150 billion.

Sports in Columbus

The greatest athletics squad in the globe can be found in the town. There are some of the best professional sports teams in the city including Columbus Clippers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, Ohio State Buckeyes, etc.

The city has also hosted various big tournaments like Basketball world cup, rugby world cup, and many major events. The city has a number of sports venues such as Ohio Stadium, Mapfre Stadium, Value City Arena, Nationwide Arena, Huntington Park, etc.

Transportation of Columbus

Like many other significant US towns, Columbus relies heavily on cars. A large network of roads and motorways is serviced in the town. The airport of Columbus is also one of the United States ‘ most busy airlines.

The town has great transport services such as freeways, transit systems, the International Airport, seaports and roads, which enhance the city’s connections with other main towns.

Education in Columbus

The town has an amount of main and secondary schools. The Columbus State Community University is the finest university in the town. Ohio State University is the region’s biggest greater learning college and one of America’s highest-ranking universities.

Columbus Diversity as well as Columbus Religion

There is in the Columbus most general ancestry groups are German (that means near about the 19.4%), Irish (near about 11.7%), English (near about 7.9%), Polish (near about 7.2%), and Italian (near about 5.0%).

Though, European immigration to the city Columbus has declined, the metropolitan region has seen a great raised bar in African, Latin American, and also in Asian immigration, specifically from China, Mexico, India, and Somalia. The Columbus city has a varied Asian population, though the Hispanic community is mostly Mexican with a sizable Puerto Rican population.

Near about 116,000 peoples in Columbus is foreign-born, which basically accounts for near about 82% of new peoples in the city Columbus. 40% of the peoples come from Asia, 23% of the peoples come from Africa, 22% of the peoples come from Latin America and 13% of the immigrated are came from Europe.

This city Columbus also has a huge community of the LGBT which is near about the 35,000. And this city is count in the one of the best cities in the United States. For this LGBT community peoples.

There are near about 37.6% of the peoples (Columbus residents) who are religious, also from this group, 15.7% of the peoples are Protestant, 13.7% of the peoples are Catholic, 1.5% are Jewish, and 0.5% are Mormon.


Columbus is Ohio’s largest town, USA. It is commonly considered as the main town in the United States due to its place, environment, and company development.

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