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Denver Map: Inthe the year 1858, during summers, a group of gold prospectors called‘Pike’s Peak’ gold rush from Kansas city, established a mining town in Montana city and was the initial historic development, and was later named as the city of Denver.

On November 7, 1861, the city was unified and the city became the territorial capital in action. Till 1881 city was chosen as the permanent capital of the state. People of Denver provided a vibrant supply and service center thus, the people were proud of their success.

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City also faced a drastic rise in corruption between the year 1880 and 1895 also faced depression in the year 1893 after the decrement in silver prices. The local religious leaders of Denver founded a group known as “United Ways” who raised funds to help the poor people of Denver.

Later in the 20th century, Denver like other cities became a revolutionary hub for a brass car company. The city became a host in the year1976 ‘Winter Olympics’ but then it was shifted to Austria due to the moment against hosting that was largely based on environmental circumstances.

Denver city and also it Is a county, denver is the capital of Colorado in the united states on the at the western side of the Great Plains, and just east side of the Front Range of the Mountains Rocky. The denver city and county were combined as a single unit of administrative in the year of 1902. Denver actually lies at the crossroads of Cherry Creek as well as the River of the South Platte.

The elevation is near about (5,280 feet [that means 1,609 metres] above from the sea level at the Capitol), that also gives it the nickname which is a“Mile High City,”

There is a mild, sunny, dry climate in the denver which is its distinctive characteristics. development  of the Metropolitan area’s after World War II was created a communities of the ring of suburban, which basically consisting of:

  1. Brighton,
  2. Broomfield,
  3. Arvada,
  4. Aurora,
  5. Cherry Hills Village,
  6. Englewood,
  7. Lakewood,
  8. Littleton,
  9. Northglenn,
  10. Thornton,
  11. Westminster,
  12. and Wheat Ridge;

which is near about 12 miles (that is 19 km) west side of Denver, and Boulder that is near about 25 miles (that means 40 km) to the northwest side, and it is also part of the metropolitan area. The Greater Denver which is at the center of a string of urban regions which extended along with Fort Collins of the front range in the north side of the Denver to Pueblo in the south side.

Thr total area which is covered by the Denver is 155 square miles (that means 401 square km).

Geography of the city

According to the census, that is United States Census Bureau, the city comprises of 155 square miles of the entire area among which 153 square miles is land and remaining 1.6 square miles consist of water mass.

The city is elevated at 5,274 feet above sea level. The population of the city contributes is 600,158 making it 24th most populous city in the US. The population density was 3,698 inhabitants every square mile.

Denver Map

Denver Map

Culture of the city

The city is known for its wide range of museums and consists of many nationally recognized and world-recognized museums as well. After the 20th century, the city leaders decided to beautify the city by building parks, museums, and auditorium which hosted the democratic national convention in 1908 and now it is known by Ellie Caulkins Opera house.

History may not clarify the city in music but recently the city has prominence in active pop, jazz, folk, metal, and classical music which gave birth to several artists and genres at regional, national and international level.


The Denver city site served as an early stopping place for kind of Arapaho Indians, fur trappers, and for some of the traders. Along with the discovery of gold in June 1858, the other towns which are rivals such as Auraria and St. Charles were established on the opposite of Cherry Creek.

The claim of St. Charles was later jumped by the William Larimer who in the year of 1858 renamed that Denver City for Mr.James W. Denver who was the governor of the Territory of Kansas, of which the city was then a part.

The Denver city was distressed because of the fire in the year of 1863, and a year after a flash flood swept away so many buildings in the Denver, which even comprise of the city hall. And later Denver became the territorial capital in the year of 1867. At the time when the transcontinental railway was built via Wyoming, citizens of the Denver’s organized their own railway, which was then completed in the year of 1870 and it is to connect with the Union Pacific at the location of the Cheyenne.

The after the result is there is an economic boom which is raised the population from 4,759 in the year of 1870 to 106,713 in the year of 1890. The Denver city’s rapid development from the year 1950 has increased the strain on their infrastructure, especially water as well as of the transportation systems

The economy of the city

Denver has a GDP of $157.6 billion in the year 2010 and ranked 18th largest in the USA in terms of economy. Being the largest city within 500 miles, the city naturally became a location of storage and supply of goods and services to mountain, southwest and western states as well

Denver Maps

Denver Maps

Due to the city located in the mineral-rich rocky mountain area, it encouraged mining and energy production for the companies to develop in these areas. Energy production and mining are still considered as an important source of income in Denver. The city has also given birth to many chain restaurant industries that are popular nationwide and international as well.


The city comprises of distinct history and very happening present situations. It is long places for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

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