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El Paso Map: El Paso is a town in the far western part of the state in Texas, USA. El Paso continues the most crowded town in the Mexican province of Chihuahua on the Rio Grande across the Mexico–US fringe.

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El Paso

El Paso

El Paso which is located in the Texas’s and it has calculated total estimated population is near about 685,575 this figure is based to the projections of the most recent United States census calculations. El Paso is the 6th ranked biggest city located in the states texas.

This city currently growing at 0.21% every year, and has grown 5.62% from the year 2010.The population density of this city is El Paso is 2,664 people sq. mi.

The median age in this city El Paso is 32.9 years that is 31 year for male, and 35.1 years for females. There is a are 95.8 males for every 100 females.

El Paso is on the seat of El Paso County in the side of West Texas. El Paso is situated basically on the Rio Grande which is just across the border from Juarez, Mexico. El Paso has a calculated population of 685,575, which makes that city a 19th ranked more famous and higher density city in all united states.

Because of the estimated population, we also get the population density of the el paso that is of 2,500 people per square mile (that means near about 980  for every square mile). The larger metropolitan region which covers all of Hudspeth as well as El Paso counties, it has a total population of 837,000 while the El Paso Las Cruces has an estimated population of 1.05 million of people.

The cities like Mexico, Juarez, and El Paso formed a broad international metropolitan region which is frequently called the Paso del Norte or the El Paso Juarez Las Cruces along with more than 2.7 million peoples. This comprises the Western Hemisphere’s biggest bilingual, or the workforce of the binational.

El Paso has been ranked as one of the top 3 safest united states large cities from the year of 1997 and also it is the safest for the last 3 years. This el paso city is actually known for their strong military presence, consisting of Biggs Army Airfield as well as their Fort Bliss which is the one of the biggest united states Army military complexes and training area.

El Paso city is also the head office of the Group  of the Border Patrol Special Operation.


Spanish pilgrim Don Juan de Onate was conceived in 1550 in Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico and was the principal New Spain (Mexico) wayfarer known to have watched the Rio Grande close El Paso, in 1598.

The Texas Revolution (1836) was commonly not felt in the area, as the American populace was little; not being over 10% of the populace.

El Paso Map

El Paso Map

Be that as it may, the district was asserted by Texas as a major aspect of the bargain marked with Mexico and various endeavors were made by Texas to support these cases. El Paso County was built up in March 1850, with San Elizario as the principal area situate.

During and following the war, military extension in the region, just as oil disclosures in the Permian Basin (North America), induced quick monetary development in the mid-1900s. Copper purifying, oil refining, and the multiplication of low-wage businesses (especially piece of clothing making) drove the city’s development.

El Paso Maps

El Paso Maps

The post-war extension impeded again during the 1960s, however, the city kept on developing with the addition of encompassing neighborhoods and in huge part on account of its critical financial association with Mexico.


El Paso has a transitional atmosphere between virus desert atmosphere and sweltering desert atmosphere including sweltering summers, with little mugginess, and cool to gentle dry winters. Precipitation midpoints 9.7 in (250 mm) every year, a lot of which happens throughout the late spring from July through September, and is transcendently brought about by the North American Monsoon.

The sun sparkles 302 days out of each year by and large in El Paso, 83% of sunshine hours, as per the National Weather Service; from this, the city is nicknamed “The Sun City”.

Nearing Urban Areas

El Paso is encompassed by numerous urban areas and networks in both Texas and New Mexico. The most populated rural areas in Texas are Socorro, Horizon City, Fort Bliss, and San Elizario. Different Texas rural areas are Anthony, Canutillo, Sparks, Fabens, and Vinton.


El Paso is home to one Fortune 500 organization, Western Refining. El Paso has an expanded economy concentrated basically inside the worldwide exchange, military, government common administration, oil and gas, social insurance, the travel industry, and administration parts.

In the course of recent years, the city has turned into a major area for American-based call centers. Cotton, natural product, vegetables, and domesticated animals are likewise created in the zone.

El Paso has included a huge assembling division with things and products created that incorporate oil, metals, restorative gadgets, plastics, apparatus, barrier related merchandise, and car parts. The city is the second busiest global intersection point in the US.


El Paso is the therapeutic center point of West Texas and Southern New Mexico, facilitating various best in class medical restorative focuses.

El Paso is served by El Paso International Airport and Amtrak. A few streets and thruways interface El Paso.

The Sun Metro Mass Transit System works an arrangement of medium-to huge limit petroleum gas-controlled transports all around the city of El Paso. In 2011, Sun Metro was named the most exceptional open travel arrangement of the year in all of North America for a fair size travel framework.

El Paso Demographics

As, according to the ACS which is held by most recent, the racial composition of El Paso was given as the :

  1. White is 80.80%
  2. Other race is 10.68%
  3. Black or African American is 3.80%
  4. Two or more races is 2.66%
  5. Asian is 1.37%
  6. Native American is 0.54%
  7. Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 0.16%

El Paso Language

There is a near about 30.67% of residents in El Paso who speaks the English language only, 69.33% of the residents of the el Paso speak languages other than the english. The non-English language is actually spoken by the Spanish largest group peoples.


El Paso is a city with great heritage and strong industrial and trade conscious city where the city’s cultural and ethnic importance still prevails along its populus. El Paso Maps

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