How Do I Know Which AC Is best?

Earth’s temperature is shooting up. Global warming has made air conditioners a necessity for every household. But the question comes as to what parameters you should use to judge your air conditioner. Because choosing the wrong air conditioner could cost you more loss than gain. It can shoot up your electricity bill or, even worse, not cool your room, which was the basic requirement.

Which air conditioner is best for you? This article will give you a binge guide to buying the perfect air conditioner for yourself. Make sure you head to this article before heading to the store. So let us move forward to identify the factors you need to consider.

What Type Of AC Are You Looking For?

If you are looking for an air conditioner for your home, then there are two options: window and split ACs. When it comes to features, they both have the same features, but they come in different size formats. Depending on the formats, both have some advantages and disadvantages. Let us figure out both of them.

Window air conditioners are widely used for single-room ACs. all the components of the ac are built in a single box-like format. Because of the structure, they are easier to install than split ACs. They easily fit in the window sill or an opening in the wall. But because of its functioning components, they are noisier than split ACs. They are also affordable and are best for a single room.

As the name suggests, split ACs have two units. One is placed inside the house, and the other is placed outside the house in an open area. Because its compressor is placed in the external unit, they are quieter than the window ACs. However, they are quite difficult to install because they need the drills to run cables and tubes connecting two units.

You do not need a window to install split AC. they can be easily fitted on a plane wall. They can easily bend with your room design and give a classy look to the room. They are slightly more expensive than the window ACs.

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Know The Capacity Of Your Room

When you have decided which air conditioner to buy, determine your unit’s capacity. The measuring unit of the air conditioner when it comes to the capacity in tons. Both ACs are present in different capacities running from one to two tons. This measuring unit does not refer to the weight. It determines the rate at which your AC can cool the room. The more the area of cooling the more will be the required tons.

You can easily identify the correct measuring unit through the standard terms named British thermal units for air conditioners. The more the BTU, the more cooling will be in the room. According to the standards, you need 20 BTU per square foot in the room. This number can vary depending on the room’s ambient temperature and other factors.

You can easily ask your seller to guide you with the exact number of BTU and capacity of the air conditioner. Other factors like the size of the windows, number of lights, timings of sunlight, and number of electronic appliances also matter when you decide the capacity of your air conditioner.

Energy Efficient ACs

Air conditioners with similar capacities are optional because they have the same power consumption. Some ACs suppose ISSER ratings, but unfortunately, they are quite expensive. Thus it becomes more important to figure out whether buying more expensive and more efficiently goes the same way. Check your model and rate it based on its efficient power before finalizing it. This will also save the amount and also the power of your home.

Inverter Equipped ACs

Traditional air conditioners need to change the compressors when they are at their peak speed or switched off. But in advanced technology, air conditioners are easygoing with the compressor as they control the compressor’s speed when there is a slight change in the room temperature. It saves lots of power as switching on and off condensers will take up lots of energy.

Inverter air conditioners are more efficient than ordinary air conditioners because of their efficiency. They also have better performance and longer life. This directly saves a lot of bucks in your pocket as you need to visit the service center again and again after some time of buying.

Apart from this, check the air conditioners’ features before buying. Try to exclude some unwanted retired from your air conditioner as it makes the system sensitive to use. Stick to the basic needs and figure out what is best. Remember to check the warranty of the air conditioner. You can claim if anything goes out of the way after buying.

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