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Seattle Map: Seattle is a seaport city, meaning a city with a seagoing ship harbor on the U.S. West Coast. It is the seat of King County, Washington With as of the 2018 report an expected 744,955 citizens. Seattle is the largest town in both Washington State and North America’s Pacific Northwest.

As with the U.S. Census information published in 2018, with a population of 3.94 million in the metropolitan area of Seattle and listed as the 15th biggest town in the U.S.

Seattle was continuously the fastest-growing bigger U.S. town on July 2016, with annual growth of 3.1 percent, which was also covered by the town in 2015-2012.



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Because of its diverse stuff, Seattle is known for many nicknames, the most popular nicknames are Queen City, Emerald City, Alaska Gateway, Rain City, Jet City.

The City has two “City of Flower” slogans to encourage flowers to beautify the town. And the second, because of Goodwill Games, is “The City of Goodwill.”

For painting, sculpture, textile and studio glass, alternative, urban art, lowbrow and performing arts, Seattle is a notable center.

The 24-day “Seattle International Film Festival” is one of North America’s top film festivals among Seattle’s prominent annual exhibitions and festivals.


In 2005 and 2006, the city was ranked as the most educated of the 69 biggest towns in the country, the second most literate in 2007, and the most literate in research in 2008, according to Central Connecticut State University information. Seattle offers one of the best facilities for education.

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Seattle’s agenda is mainly geared towards education, making everyone literate and helping them to settle both financially and educationally.


Seattle has three major professional sports teams for men: Seattle Seahawks from the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB). Seattle reported very well in soccer, seahawks, baseball, etc.

Seattle Map

Seattle Map


Transportation: Transportation is mainly centered in the automotive sector in Seattle, but Seattle is old enough as its design reflects the length of time when managing railways and trolleys. Seattle has again begun rebuilding the streetcar lines and light rail routes, and the city also offers extensive rail route service.


Seattle’s economy is managed by Internet and technology companies, service, design, and clean technology companies from both older industrial companies and the “new economy.”

In 2010, the gross metropolitan product (GMP) of the city was $231 billion, making it the United States ‘ 11th largest metropolitan economy.


Five firms are headquartered in Seattle on Fortune 500’s 2017 list of the biggest U.S. businesses: Internet retailer Amazon.com coffee chain Starbucks department store Nordstrom freight forwarder Expeditors International Washington and Weyerhaeuser forest products corporation.

It continues even a hotbed for start-ups, particularly in green building and clean technologies. It was rated as America’s No. 1 “smarter city” as per its government policies and green economy.


Seattle is one of the populous city of the United States which covers almost every popular events, food fest, hosting of international games, good education quality, and better life resources as well as happiness.

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