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Washington Map: Washington ascribed as Washington D.C. in general. It is the capital of the United States. The town was named after George Washington, the first U.S. president.  It is the twentieth largest town in the United States by population.

Washington’s population is nearly 7 lakhs and the city’s metropolitan population is nearly 6.2 million, making it the United States ‘ sixth biggest metropolitan region.



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Washington’s Economy

It is one of the main economic centers in the United States and has nearly $500 billion in gross domestic product. It is the United States ‘ sixth biggest metropolitan economy.

The city’s economy is diverse and balanced, making it one of the most important. The economy of the city is diversified and balanced making it one of the major cities for business and service. The economy of Washington is driven by finance, insurance, rental, leasing, real estate, and many other industries.

It was ranked as a 12th most competitive economic center in the world. It is home to many Fortune 500 companies and has headquarters of leading companies in the world.

Traditions followed by Washington

There are many annual events and festivals held in Washington. Along with festivals, there are also many cultural events taking place each year to add a cultural flair to the city. The city is home to a number of performing arts venues.

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Various Landmarks in Washington includes Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, White House, National World War2 Museum, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, etc.

National Museum of American Indian, National Museum of Natural history, the National Museum of African Art are some of the famous Museums located in Washington.

The city is also growing in the tourism business because of the tourist attractions in and around the city and has a total of 20 million visitors annually.

Sports activity

The city is home to the best professional sports team in the world. The city is home to teams from all four major professional men’s sports. There are some of the best professional sports teams in the city including Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Washington Mystics, D.C United, etc.

The city has also hosted various big tournaments like Basketball world cup, rugby world cup, and many major events.

The city has a number of sports venues such as Capital One Arena, Military Bowl, FedEx Field, Nationals Park, etc.

Washington Map

Washington Map

Transportation facilities

Washington like many other major cities in the US is highly automobile-dependent. The city is served an extensive network of highways and freeways.

The city has excellent transportation facilities like freeways, transit system, International Airport, Seaport, and roadways which improves the connectivity of the city with other major cities.


The city boasts a number primary as well as higher-level learning institutes. American University is the best higher learning education institute in the city. Along with it, there are several other top institutes serving top-class education to the students in the city.

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Howard University is the largest university for higher education located in the region and one of the top-ranked University in the United States.


Washington is the major city in the United States. Because of its location, technological advancements, service, and the growth in the business, it is widely regarded as the major city in the United States.

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