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Fresno Map: Fresno is a town located in California, USA. Because of the incidence of abundant ash trees lining the San Joaquin River, it was named Fresno, as Fresno stands for an ash tree in the Spanish language. Fresno was born in 1872 as a Central Pacific Railroad railway station before the town was integrated in 1885.

Fresno’s inhabitants rose from 134,000 to a population of 428,000, referring to the 1960 Census. It ranks 5th in California’s busiest metropolises.

Fresno, California’s estimated population is 538,195 based to our projections of the most recent United States census estimates. Fresno is the 5th largest city in California, currently growing at 0.76% annually, and has grown 8.80% since 2010.

The population density in this city Fresno is 4,739 people per sq. mi. The median age group peoples in Fresno is 30.8 years, 29.8 years for males, and 31.7 years for females. and for every 100 females, there are 96.9 males.

Fresno is situated in Central California as the seat of Fresno County. Fresno is near about 200 miles to the north side of Los Angeles and 170 miles south side of Sacramento. also, this Fresno city is the fifth biggest city in California and the also biggest inland city in the state with an calculated population of 538,195, which ranks 34th in the overall United States.

Fresno’s population is calculated as the at 538,195, which is increased from 467,600 in the year of 2010. The greater area of the Metropolitan Fresno has a population that is about the estimated one that is at 1.1 million. There are some of the well-known surroundings in Fresno, that basically consisting of Tower District, which is the Fresno city hub for most of the community events and also it is the center of the city’s for the communities like the LGBT and Hipster, and the West Side, which is culturally different and the center of Fresno’s community of African American along with greater Asian and American and Mexican and American populations.

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Fresno has an entire area of 291 sq. km out of which 290 sq. km island casing and 1 sq. km is water covering. It is situated neighboring the geographical center of California. Fresno is well thought-out to be the nearest city to the Yosemite National Park. Sierra National Forest is at a distance of 64 km from the city.

Fresno lies at the connection of Highways 42 and 98, it makes the city the main doorway for Yosemite invitees coming from Los Angeles. It has three great public parks, two of them placed in the city and one in county land to the southwest.

Fresno Map

Fresno Map


The Yokuts people and the Miwok people were the creative San Joaquin Valley region residents, who were also associated with Native American California tribes. The first European to enter the San Joaquin Valley in 1772 was Pedro Fages. Fresno was founded in 1856 after the California Gold Rush.

A provincial seat on the banks of the San Joaquin River baptized as Millerton and near Fort Miller formed the focal point of the colonists. Due to a lot of wooden building and absence of advanced firefighting resources, fire-ravaged commonly in American frontier cities in the 19th century.


A semi-arid climate state with mild, humid winters and very warm, dry summers likely to have Mediterranean features exists in the town of Fresno. The chilliest months are around 8.1 ° C in December and January. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 28.3 ° C.

Snow is the rarity, the heaviest snowfall on January 21, 1962, was 0.06 m at the airport.

Fresno Diversity

Fresno has one of the biggest urban populations all over the United States.

Fresno also has a long history of Armenian immigrant folks as well. The first Armenians who move to the area were the brothers Garabed and Hagop Seropian in the year of the 1881, with the population of Armenian reaching 360 in Fresno by the year of the 1894. This no. which is continued to grow with early immigrants heavily involved in agriculture as well as farming businesses. By the time of 1930, Armenians owned near about 40% of the raisin acreage in the Fresno county. Many Anglicized their names because of widespread bigotry, and fear of ownership of the immigrant land caused the passage of laws for limiting their rights to purchase land.

Fresno Demographics

As according to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Fresno is described as below:

  1. White peoples: 58.23%
  2. Other race peoples: 14.97%
  3. Asian peoples: 13.73%
  4. Black or African American peoples: 7.61%
  5. Two or more races peoples: 4.18%
  6. Native American peoples: 1.17%
  7. Pacific Islander peoples: 0.12%
  8. Native Hawaiian: 0.12%

Fresno Maps

Fresno Maps

Fresno Population Growth

Between the year of the July 2012 and the year of the July 2013, Fresno County’s population developed rapidly just over the 1%, which is the Fresno’s higher growth rate in the last 3 years.

Fresno is a faster developing city than the state of California and also other counties. The growth in the region is attributed to a developing population of a Hispanic kind, which makes up the first-time majority in the city Fresno. Between the year of 2000 and 2010, the city of Fresno developed a whopping 41% as more Californians move inland for getting away from the high cost of living on the coast.


The area which is independent and rural cities surrounding Fresno remain tied to the large-scale agronomic production. In 1958, The Bank of America chosen Fresno to first promotion the BankAmericard credit card, which was well along known as Visa.

Pelco, Valley Yellow Pages, California Ag Today Media and Salandino’s are the rare companies based in Fresno.


Performing arts and music comprises Artist’s Repertory Theatre, Children’s Musical Theatre works, Fresno Grand Opera, Rogue Festival. The exhibition hall and other charms comprise African-American Museum of the San Joaquin Valley, Arte Americans, William Saroyan House Museum, Fresno Chaffee Zoo, etc.


Fresno has no such teams in the least of five major sports leagues specifically football, baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer. Baseball sport has Fresno Grizzlies club, Soccer has Fresno FC and Fresno FC U-23 while hockey has Fresno Monsters.


Fresno is well recognized for California’s utmost famed national parks- Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyons and Sequoia.

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