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Houston Map: Houston is a vibrant mixture of fantasy, skill and first-class sights, alive with a variety of excitement and rich, making it a world-class city. Houston’s population is reported as 2,328,419 in the year. The town is situated close to the Gulf of Mexico in the southwest of Texas.

It’s no wonder that Houston is a renowned worldwide place, home to a vibrant economy, beautiful surroundings, and an optimistic and spirit-filled population. Houston is Texas ‘ most populated town and the fourth most populated town in the United States.

Houston which is an inland port city located in the Harris, Fort Bend, and the counties of the Montgomery, which is the seat on the Harris county, on the side of the southeastern Texas in the united states.

Houston city is linked by the Channel of the Houston Ship to the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway at Galveston which is far 50 miles (that is 80 km) to the southeast. Houston is the united states one of the most populous city and the 4th biggest city in the United States. Area climate of the Houston is not only warm but also humid, and the city is noted for its hot and sticky summers.

In addition to Galveston, other major cities in metropolitan area as the Houston also consit of the League City, Baytown, Missouri City, Pasadena, Sugar Land, and Texas City. The Area which is covered by the Houston city is actually a 601 square miles (that means in simple terms 1,559 square km).

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Cultural diversities in Houston

Houston Wiki

Houston Wiki

Houston is a diverse city with a global identity that is large and growing. The town is home to the nation’s third-largest consular office concentration, with 92 countries representing the town.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are the world’s longest annual livestock show and rodeo for 20 days from early to late March.

Houston Map

Houston Map


The initial settlement in the area of Houston, Harrisburg (in the year of the 1826), was destroyed in April in the year 1836 by the Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in chase of Sam Houston and the army of Texas.

Outside the current city at the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna was also got captured, and Texas was freed. In August of the year 1836 speculators of the New York land, the brotherhoods Augustus C. and John K. Allen, buy a site to the city which is near burned out Harrisburg and started advertising that land as the future “interior commercial emporium in the city Texas.” After the Two months, John Allen convinced the initial Congress of Republic of city Texas, in the session which was held by the Columbia, to move to his town, and then named for the first elected president of Texas that is Sam Houston.

Mud-bogged as well as the inundated by the epidemics of yellow fever, the town developed slowly as a port of the cotton shipping, the first railroad which was arrived in  the year of the 1853. During the Civil War of America’s it became a safe place for Southerners who are running the Union naval blockade.

It was threatened in the year of 1862 at the time when Union forces captured Galveston Island (that was later recaptured by the Confederates), Houston in the year of 1863 became the head office for the Confederacy’s Department of the Trans-Mississippi (Texas and later Territory of the New Mexico).

Houston also developed as a center of the rail, along with the 12 railways by the year of the 1891.

After an overwhelming hurricane and flood in the year of 1900 which was destroyed facilities of the Galveston’s port, Houston was combined as the state’s leading port.

The initial dock was made in the year of 1840, and widening as well as deepening of Buffalo Bayou (which is now part of Channel of the Houston Ship) had started in the year of 1869.


Houston has North America’s fifth-highest skyline and the world’s 36th-highest skyline in 2015. A seven-mile route of tunnels and skywalks connects downtown buildings with stores and restaurants, enabling pedestrians to prevent summer heat and rain as they walk between houses.

Houston Map

Houston Map

Some of the Houston’s highest skyscrapers are Niels Esperson Building, Houston’s highest, JPMorgan Chase Tower, Williams Tower, Bank of America Center (BOAC).

Houston Flood Map

Houston Flood Map

Economic growth

Houston is known worldwide for its oil and natural gas industry, as well as for biomedical research and aeronautics, in particular. Wind and solar renewable energy sources also develop financial assistance in the town.

Houston is chosen as a global city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network and global management consulting firm because of the strengths of numerous industries.

Houston emerged on Forbes ‘ “Best Business and Career Places” list in 2013.

Houston Zip Code Map

Houston Zip Code Map

Arts and theatre

Houston art and theatre is widely distributed into nine main performing arts organizations and six performance halls with the United States ‘ second-largest concentration of theatre.

Houston with its main fields of performing arts, Houston Grand Opera, ballet, Houston Symphony Orchestra, and The Alley Theater, Under the Stars.  Houston is home to folk performers, art organizations, and so on.

Google Maps Houston

Google Maps Houston


Houston tourism has grabbed the unique attraction where some of Houston’s top attractions are Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquarium, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Kemah Boardwalk, Houston Children’s Museum, places where all happiness was covered.

The Chinatown of Houston and the Gandhi District of Mahatma are two significant ethnic enclaves, showing the multicultural makeup of Houston. Restaurants, bakeries, boutiques of traditional clothes.

Houston Airport Map

Houston Airport Map


Apart from the National Hockey League, Houston players are in every sports team. Houston is also one of the world’s first towns to represent it in the form of the Houston Outlaws by a significant eSports team.


Houston is America’s densest city. Because of its enormous construction of skyscrapers, it is popular. Houston is renowned for its diverse culture of food.

Houston City has become renowned for its contributions to space and science, and a term spoken from the moon is “Houston” for the first time, and as a result, the town is home to the Johnson Space Center of NASA.

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