Illegal Dumping Of Junk And Waste

Huge piles of garbage, old items that people no longer use, construction debris, or obsolete items dumped along the road, in the woods, or at undesignated disposal sites are no longer uncommon. They’re a cause of growing concern because they undermine the goal of preserving the environment and can lead to serious consequences for global biodiversity. 

Environmental authorities consider this to be illegal dumping. It’s illegal because of the environmental damage it causes. Moreover, legally approved landfill sites have sufficiently efficient waste disposal technologies. Consequently, it is illegal to violate the clearly defined requirements for proper waste disposal by dumping your trash anywhere, including on the side of the road or in the forest. According to Classic Cleanouts, here are some of the implications of illegal dumping.

Illegal Dumping Destroys The Environment

Illegal dumping is one of the main sources of water, air, and soil pollution. The toxins and non-biodegradable components of garbage damage the surrounding environment and waterways by polluting soil and water. Trash also spreads pests and weeds, harming wildlife, agriculture, and the ecosystem as a whole. Even worse, wildlife and domestic animals can die from eating harmful waste, including chemicals and plastic.

Unauthorized Dumping Can Start Fires

Illegal dumping of chemicals, mattresses, household trash, obsolete vehicle parts, green waste, and toxic clinical waste increases the risk of wildfires. Even cigarette butts can start fires. If you expose these wastes to extreme temperatures and dumping site decomposition, they can easily catch fire. When the hazardous chemicals burn, they are exposed to high temperatures, and people and animals also breathe in harmful airborne particles, which has serious health consequences. Additionally, the water supply and soil are also severely affected.

Safety And Health Concerns

Hazardous chemicals, sharps, diapers, toxic clinical waste, household appliances, tires, and asbestos are among the illegally dumped wastes. Children and youth who touch, ingest, or play with such items are exposed to significant safety and health risks. Freezers with open doors, for example, expose young children to the risk of suffocation. Besides, tires provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes; contaminated hospital waste can spread infections quickly, as deadly bacteria can multiply tremendously in the trash, and sharp objects can physically injure people.

Dumped Garbage Reduces Real Estate Value And Harms Tourism

Property values decrease when the surrounding area is polluted by illegal dumping. In addition, properties or sites that have been turned into illegal dumping grounds sometimes act as magnets for further illegal activities. The dirt and stench also make these places attractive, harming tourism, especially if the disposal occurs in forests or along a highway.

The Entire Community Is Exposed To Danger

Although it may not be obvious, illegal dumping puts the entire community at risk. For example, car tires, tree stumps, and construction debris can cause traffic accidents. Unauthorized dumps also clog sewer systems and provide a breeding ground for disease. These sites are also prone to flooding.

Unwarranted Waste Dumping Affects Animals, Plants, And Birds

Illegal waste dumping has consequences for animals. Waste dumping in forests and other natural areas contains hazardous substances that can affect animals and spread disease through the food supply chain. Waste disposal can also cause animals’ unique natural environments to change. Most animals are extremely sensitive to changes in their normal habitat. Therefore, illegal waste disposal can cause them to migrate to less polluted places where they can thrive in their natural environment.

Soil pollution also affects plants through waste contamination. Similarly, some waste chemicals can alter soil PH. Since plants are generally very sensitive to soil constituents and acidity changes, illegal trash dumping can negatively affect their growth habits. Furthermore, illegal dumping has serious impacts on aquatic life. Aquatic life is exposed to toxic elements and can suffer from the harmful effects of waste chemicals following illegal waste dumping in water bodies.

Illegally disposed of trash can also impact birdlife. Birds often feed on tiny creatures such as insects and worms, which can decrease significantly in a region with heavy pollution from illegal trash. Therefore, birds can run out of food and decrease their population.

Illegal Dumping Is Expensive For The Taxpayer

Every year, the state spends taxpayer money to repair damage caused by illegally dumped waste. Cities consistently spend significant sums on repairing conservation areas and facilities damaged by illegal dumping.

The best remedy for illegal waste disposal is to hire trusted waste disposal companies that are familiar with the approved waste disposal zones. They will sort and properly dispose of the waste to protect the planet and save you time and hassle on waste disposal.

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