Joulies are actually a stainless steel bean that absorbs the heat and helps to keep your coffee at the correct temperature. You don’t have to wait no more before sipping into your hot coffee as this coffee joulies help to chill the overheated coffee in minutes. They absorb the excess heat from the overheated coffee and then releases the heat with time so that the coffee retains the right amount of warmth for a long period of time. 

Joulies was invented by Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson. They started creating this in their basement. They used a rented space in Sherrill to manufacture these steel beans. Several assessments have found Joulies to be effective, while others have cast doubt on its efficacy. As a result of their testing, the creators concluded that the product did not function properly, if at all. It is important to note the advertised impact, while it is present, is barely evident, especially when compared to the effect that can be achieved by adding other objects with similar heat capacity. Your drink will be ready in no time and these beans will keep them hot twice as long. It is so essential especially during winters.      

What are Coffee Joulis ?

Coffee joulies are basically stainless steel beans which enhances your coffee drinking experience. It is made up of a phase changing polymer. Just pour the joulies in your coffee and witness the magic. This will keep your coffee hot 2 times longer. Joulies prevents the coffee from getting cold too soon. With this, you can take all your time to drink your hot cup of coffee without the worry of it being cold. A stainless steel bean which keeps the coffee at the correct temperature is all a coffee lover needs. Joulies are capable of both absorbing and reflecting heat. You can now serve overheated coffee and use the beans to get the right temperature for hours. 

Who Founded Joulies ?

Joulies was founded by Dave Pentrillo and Dave Jackson. Dave Jackson went to a mechanical engineering college after which he started working with a electronics brand. Later, he started his work with the coffee joulies. Jackson was then made the president of coffee joulies. Pentrillo was also known to be a graduate from mechanical engineering. He is now a co owner of the joulies. After they made the first batch of joulies and sent to the market, they were an absolute hit. They were even inducted to Kickstarter Hall of Fame which helped them and their business gain fame, recognition and attention. 

What is Joulies net worth?

Due to the huge success of joulies ever since they were made, the coffee joulies was worth $3 million when the duo went to Shark tank to further spread their business. Later in 2016, the company’s estimated worth was at $5 million.     

Where can you get coffee joulies from ?

In its peak years, coffee joulies were literally everywhere. The Joulies brand went from strength to strength as a result of their early success financial and the guidance of not one, but two mechanical engineers. They expanded their business to Amazon and the major retailers of that time. They also started manufacturing insulated mugs. But by 2017, the brand went inactive in all it’s social media accounts and we’re no.more updating about their items. Even in Amazon, the products were showing sold out. 


Although the joulies was a great success and was an wonderful item for all the coffee lovers especially in winter, but somehow it went out of business. We hope we could clear all your doubts about Joulies.

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