Tiki Barber Net Worth


The former professional football player from the United States, Tiki Barber, is worth $16 million. Barber originally rose to stardom as a running back for New York Giants, but his popularity grew even more once he started working as a journalist and book.

Tiki played with the Giants for a total of 10 years before he stopped. Then, just before officially retiring, he made an unsuccessful attempt to join the NFL again. 

Ronde, Barber’s identical twin brother, played again for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL. In his capacity as an entertainer, Barber has made appearances on NBC-distributed programs including “The Today Show” & “Football Night in America.”

Early life

Atiim Kiambu “Tiki” Barber took birth in Roanoke, Virginia, on April 7, 1975. He and his identical twin brother were both born five weeks early. James “J.B.” Barber, Barber’s father, was a standout running back for Virginia Tech whom eventually played in the NFL, therefore he was born into a sporting family. Nevertheless, Tiki’s father had nothing to do with his upbringing and provided the family with very little money. To provide for her three boys, his mother occasionally served three jobs at once.

Tiki received an academic scholarship and enrolled in the University of Virginia after finishing high school. Barber became interested in the school’s sporting program despite his intense concentration on his business studies. He improved the school’s football squad and set new benchmarks for the track and field program. In a single season, he frequently carried for more than 1,300 yards.


Barber was regarded as a “third-down” running back when he signed up with the New York Giants in 1997. Tiki was fortunate to get his moment to shine as other running backs began to play poorly. However, he had a poor start to his career. He was not a prominent player in his first few seasons due to injuries and subpar play. Barber was given a new six-year deal in 2000 after being a dependable player for the Giants. Tiki thereafter began to contribute significantly to the offensive of the club. In one of his better performances during this time, he ran for 203 yards against Philadelphia Eagles, who at the time had one of the league’s top defenses. Barber gained a career-high 15 touchdowns in 2003 amid the Giants’ terrible performance.

Tiki Barber and Eli Manning both helped the squad achieve a series of victories in the 2005 season. For the first time period of five years, they won the NFC East, and Barber set a record in against with the Kansas City Chiefs by rushing for 220 yards. With 1,860 total running yards at the end of that season, he was the second-best player in the league.

Net worth

Tiki Barber seems to have a $93 million net worth. Former American football running back Tiki Barber played 10 seasons with the National Football League’s New York Giants (NFL). After the 2006 postseason, Tiki Barber departed the NFL. Along with writing and publishing several novels, Tiki Barber also received millions in royalty.

Particulars Amount ($)
Earnings from Book Royalties $16 Million
Investment Income $11 Million
Salary Income Savings $27 Million
Brand Endorsements $10 Million


Earnings 1997
Salary 1997Salary from New York Giants $255,000
Contract 1997Contract with New York Giants $1,600,000
Signing Bonus 1997Signing bonus from New York Giants $705,000


Earnings 2000
Salary 2000Salary from New York Giants $472,000
Contract 2000Contract with New York Giants $472,000


Earnings 2006
Salary 2006Salary from New York Giants $4,100,000
Bonus 2006Workout bonus from New York Giants $100,000


Tiki Barber made the decision to seek a profession in broadcasting when his NFL playing days was over. He started working as a contributor for The Today Show and Football Night in USA Night Football. In addition, he co-hosted the 66th Golden Globe Awards alongside Brooke Burke and Nancy O’Dell. Tiki Barber’s Pure Hard Work-out and Tiki: My Life and the Game Beyond are two books he later released.

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